Development of Higher Education Private Institutions in Correspondence to EU Requirements


Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to identify the “Development of Higher Education Private Institutions in correspondence to European Union requirements”. This project will employ Republic of Kosovo as the case study, with special attention to the private higher education institutions. This research is focused on the internal quality assessment of higher education institutions. The data proclaim that private higher education institutions correspond at a very high rate with the eight standards of the internal quality assessment, as consistency with these internal standards is the first criteria for accrediting their operation in the educational market. Yet, there are several deficiencies in consisting with these standards, specifically in the area of graduated student’s employment, and motivation of the teaching staff. However, the higher the correspondence of the University to the European regulations, a better education system will be transmitted to students, whilst a better position of the institution will be created.
Keywords EU standards, internal quality, assurance, accreditation, private education
JEL classifications I23, E66, F20, F55
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