Balkan Countries: Are They Poor? Under Development or Developed Countries


Abstract The Balkan countries have witnesses a long histroy, experiencing social, eonomic and political changes. After wars and communism regime collapse the Balkan countries have struggle for social, economic and political reconstruction. Some countries such as Slovenia, Greece, Rumania, Bulgaria and Croatia became member of European Union and they were clasified as stable, while the rest (Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia) and recently Kosovo faced difficul times in terms of Development.. This paper analyses the indicators of development for Balkan countries and identifies the borad impact and clasification in poor, under-development or developed countries.The development indicator impact will be examined in terms of GDP per capita,unemployment, population growth, final consumption expenditure as % of GDP, poverty and hunger, national income, education and foreign dirct investment covering the period 2009-2012. Classification of whether a country is developed, under-developed or poor is related to the Economic Growth.
Keywords Balkan countries, development indicators, global economic crises, poor, underdevelopment, developed countries
JEL Classification N10
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