Comparative Analysis of Fiscal Legislation and the New Geography of Sustainable Economic Development

Klodian MUCO, Jonida QENDRO, Ermonela RUSPI

Abstract With the emergence of globalization phenomenon, liberalization of exchanges and movement of productive factors within an integrated economic area, different countries within this particular area will tend to strengthen the competitiveness between them, to benefit the advantages of this integration and to increase the welfare of individuals living in that area.To achieve this goal the countries will seek to draw as much capital or production factors inside. To doing this many countries, are facing is the fiscal system using to become much more attractive to foreign investors. This mechanism is otherwise translated as the phenomenon of fiscal competition. When an entity decides to invest in a country it takes into account the tax payments. This paper aims to assess the effects of fiscal, institutional and legal existing competitiveness and the future prospect of fiscal adjustment issue and the analysis of different theories on the fiscal competition issues, their qualities and differences.
Keywords fiscal competitiveness, economic development, fiscal legislation, fiscal system, Albania
JEL Classification E62, E63 H25, H75, O24, K34
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