Correlation between the regional and national economy in Albania

M.Sc. Arsjola DODOVECI

Abstract During the past two decades or more emphasis on regional economic development theory has shifted from the emphasis on endogenous factors exogenous to them. Traditional approaches to regional economic development are established in the theory of neoclassical economic growth. New approaches, recognizing that development is framed by exogenous factors, we recognize a very important role of endogenous forces. These factors are seen as fundamental drivers of regional economic development stemming from the legacy of resources and knowledge base of a region. Endogenous factors include entrepreneurship, innovation, adoption of new technologies, leadership, institutional capacity and learning skills.
In this study will be treated summarized in three broad topics in Albania main regional factors are: basic infrastructure and accessibility, human capital, other factors such as technology, demographics etc.
Key words regional economy, macro – micro factors, competitiveness, correlation, national economy, GDP/capita
JEL code R11, R13,G14