Counterfeit parts of vehicles – invisible risk for insurance companies


Abstract In the Albanian media are often the problems encountered in connection with motor insurance market, focusing damage payments, damage-prime reports, court decisions on these issues etc. And that, for reasons of the part that makes motor insurance in total insurance in Albania. It is a fact that in many treatises analysts of financial markets in Albania or experts in the field, continues to express concern: “Why in Albania report damages paid / earned premiums is still low?”. Of course, a concern right, with focus on the protection of consumer interests and that basically requires improved performance of insurance activity in their contractual responsibilities. While it which not often said, is just keeping real customer responsibilities in conformity with the contractual obligations of insurance companies, to support and respect the law enforcement. Such an approach will constitute the core of this paper.
Keywords invisible risk; insurance market; paid claims; vehicle age; brake pads
JEL classification G22, G32, I13, R41