Disaster risk in Western Balkan countries, focusing on the financial risk of floods

Enxhi LIRZA & Rozeta PEPA
The disaster risk is a complex risk for the Western Balkan countries as the historical data shows high frequency and large damages mostly from floods and earthquakes. In 2014 because of sudden events of floods in all Western Balkans, the disaster risk became a more treated subject. Still, we see that the insurance industry has made no great development toward this problem. Lack of infrastructure, cooperation between countries, their economic development and natural conditions should be with high priority. In this research article the vulnerability of the seven countries will be studied. The simulation of the most disastrous events of floods scenario will become a key argument for recommending better management strategies in reducing and transferring this risk. We want to emphasize the need for regional and national politics in improving the situation. In this research we will analyze some of the recommendations for solving the situation.