ERP influence on business performance: conceptual framework and literature review

Besiana Lika, Eriselda Sefa & Gisjana Tahiri

As a single system, ERP is designed to integrate data and processes of an organization, including the important parts of its business. In this paper we provide a review of literature regarding the influence of ERP on business performance. The positive impact of ERP can be classified into two main groups: financial and managerial one, which although with a high correlation between them can’t be identified as a single factor. While the negative impact, primarily is more measurable in monetary terms. Moreover, in this paper there is suggested a framework to identify and outline gaps in order to show opportunities for research in the future, focusing mainly on human capital and business specifics. At the same time, we present a brief history of ERP application in companies in Albania, its importance and we indicate some factors to be considered as affecting business performance.
Key words Enterprise Resource Planning, literature review, business performance
JEL classification M15, M50, O33
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