Investigation of economic crime

Aldona Doku, Blerta Shehu, Ermir Hoxha, Lorena Doku & Silvia Meto

Emerging technologies are impacting essentially global economies in evey aspect, particullary accelerating the development of every sector of the economy. Recently, due to all the facilities offered by innovative technolgies to humanity, many processes are alleviated at the point that merely with a few clicks everything becames tangible in a short interval of time. Besides those countless benefits we experiencing thanks to the advancement of tecnology, we can not be indifferent in front of negative consequences caused by this trend of innovation. We will treat one of those negative consequences in our paper: the economic crime.
This project is based on secondary researches which provides a foundation for fraud and financial investigations, addressing the various catagories of fraud and specifying good investigative practices. Through this study we aimed to give a foundation educational preparation for entry-level carreers in the field of financial investigation or prevention of white-collar crime.
Key words: economic crimes, economic frauds, financial scams
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