Investment portfolio of insurance companies: its management and comperative analyses

Besiana Lika & Gisjana Tahiri

Abstract This paper focuses on identifying the main items that compose the investment portfolio of insurance companies. These items are analyzed specifically for all insurance companies in Albania, Bulgaria and member states of European Insurance and Reinsurance Federation. In order to address these issues, the methodology used focus on processing the secondary data provided by the World Bank, the Financial Supervisory Authority in Albania and Bulgaria, as well as from reports provided by the European Insurance and Reinsurance Federation. At the end of the paper, we conclude that the composite structure of the total investment by life insurance companies and non-life in Albania is dominated by life insurance companies, meanwhile in member countries of the European Insurance and Reinsurance Federation there is presented an inverted situation. There are value differences in the investment portfolio composition between Albania and EIRF member countries, whereas between our country and Bulgaria there are not substantial changes.
Key words insurance companies, investment portfolio, portofolio management
JEL classification C40, G11, G22, K32