Life insurance in Albania: market performance and consumer perception

Besiana LIKA & Lorena KURTI

Abstract Life insurance sector is one of the most important sectors of the economy. Life insurance is a form of financial protection of human in case of different risks. The life insurance market in Albania is still in an early stage of evaluation and underdeveloped comparing to the region countries. The main purpose of this paper is to understand and determine the perception of the Albanian consumers about life insurance in Albania, to understandif they are ready to pay for the insurance policy and to find out the reasons of this low level of developement. During July 2014 a survey questionnaire was conducted to collect relevant and recent data on consumer perception, trying to complete the objectives of this study. The findings show that the most used policies are the compulsory one and the level of knowledges is low about life insurance importance.
Keywords life insurance, insurance market, consumer, perception, performance
JEL clasiffication C83, G22, G32, I22