Personal budgeting indicated by individual characteristics

Xhonsila Hoxha

The financial state and the stability of a family are depended by the way people manage their incomes and expenses. Every person has his own way of managing their revenues which are depending from many factors such as demographic, social and psychological. This study aims to investigate the relationship between the process of budgeting for a family as an economic unity and his personal characteristics. The purpose of this study is to review the standing of Tirana’s citizens to their family budgeting decisions. To make the study are used structured questionnaires that are shared in Tirana, to people above 18 years old who have their own earnings or manage money in their family. At the end of the paper we have given our study’s conclusions about the correlations between managing and personal traits and have given some recommendations too.
Key Words personal finances, management, individual factors, correlation
JEL classification D14, I220, J1, Z130
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