Role of Human Resources in Public Administration in Kosovo

Fadil OSMANI, PhDc, Mustafë Javori, M.Sc & Kushtrim Gashi, M.Sc

Abstract Public Administration as one of the key segments whereby the relationship between state, civil society and citizens are realized in Kosovo needs to be reformed. The fact that about EUR 13 million of the budget are estimated to be spent within a year only for wages of the redundant employees in the administration shows that the Public Administration in Kosovo necessarily needs reforms. Considering that there are officially 1.7 million inhabitants in Kosovo, then, it means that on the average, every 21st person works in the public administration, in both central and local level. The exact number of persons employed in the state administration is 79.188, where 168 million and 491 thousand euros are paid from the state budget. If we compare it to the last census of population in Kosovo, we can understand that a staff as the number of all inhabitants of Fushë Kosovë, Shtime and Obiliq works in the Public Administration. Public Administration reform in our country should be manifested in two forms, as follows: depoliticization and efficiency of the Public Administration. Implementation of electronic governance would modernize the administration and enable a more efficient management throughout the administration.
Key words Public Administration, budget, reform, strategies