Social insurances in Albania in critical position. Berati region

Xhonsila HOXHA

Abstract Social insurance is part of social protection, who aim to make the allocation of incomes to people whom their incomes are getting low. The main problem that the directors of the pension system face with in our country is the high cost that this system has in the government budget. With the amounts collected from the contributors is impossible to cover all pensions. For this reason, the government must cover the difference that is uncovered from the contributions. In this article we are trying to analyze how is the report of contributors and the people who profit pensions in a specific region of Albania, in Berat. Our goal is to determine and analyze specific factors for this region who bring a different report of incomes and costs of the pension scheme in Berat. We have made this by analyzing the secondary data we have collected from Regional Directory of Social Insurance Berat (RDSI Berat). At the end of the paper we present the defects that pension scheme has and we give some conclusions and recommendations. Also we have done a prediction how the new scheme will be in the future and what it will bring.
Key words social insurance, pension scheme, financial deficit,
JEL classification G220, G230, H55, J33