Technical analysis of foreign exchange markets. Albanian Lek currency pairs

Blisard ZANI, Elda RRAFMANI, Klaudia LILA & Sirius LASKU
Today’s financial markets are probably the most important part of all economies and developed countries. Markets that move along most of the capital and cash flows are foreign exchange markets, with a daily turnover of about $2.8 billion. There are two main types of analysis: technical analysis and fundamental analysis of financial markets. Technical analysis use the information of exchanges rates in the past. Because the fundamental analysis is constantly changing, the technical analysis of the markets seems to be relatively more stable and secure. Due to the type of analysis used, the very strong theoretical basics and practicality in use, technical analysis will be used within this paper. At the same time, the whole tenet analysis will be dealt with in terms of relations in the foreign currency markets of the Albanian currency with three of the main currencies, the US dollar, the euro and the British pound. While trying to reinforce the idea of ​​using the technical analysis, we emphasize that the fundamental analysis of the currency pairs that contain the Albanian lek becomes somewhat unusable due to the international economic position of Albanian economy.