The Optimal Capital Structure in Albanian Business


Abstract Albanian financial system is characterized by a small number of financial mediators who remain regular providers of financial funds. Lack of financial market in Albania has resulted in a lack of alternative funding sources. Banks, investment funds, credit unions remain the only source of funds to finance the investment. This enhances the primitive form of financing a business, “CASH THAT I HAVE SAVED OVER YEARS”. The question in this case is: which are the lines on which Albania walk compared to other countries? Is this market of financial mediators able to cover the financial needs of Albanian businesses? Are the Albanian businesses risk safe referring the capital structure where apparently debt occupies most of it? Are the Albanian businesses able to form a consolidated capital structure of all types of resources? Is the lack of financial market the main reason of not forming an optimal capital structure? Can we say that there are few corporations in Albania due to the absence of the financial market or is the opposite? Does the lack of optimal capital structure businesses affect the level of risk in the country? Or businesses form that capital structure that fits over the system in which they take place?
Keywords capital structure, financial funds, Albanian business
JEL Clasification M10
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