The role of leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation in performance of smes in Albania


The necessity of opening new jobs is very crucial in Albania, so the next decade can be more proactive in reducing the number of unemployed individuals. Promoting entrepreneurship and creating new businesses, are key factors for this excessive working population. Moreover, knowing that entrepreneurship, in particular (SMEs), tends to be innovative, this may help in finding solutions to several social problems in Albania, such as: economic growth and innovation, higher standards in Education system, more efficient in managing production and trade of products. This means that, pushing for a better performance, based on diversified activities, enables the enterprise to offer a unique way of joint values. Data collection was conducted through surveys to SMEs businesses operating in Albania. This study will have a positive impact because will bring important contributions such as: determining the role of each attribute (leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation) towards the performance of SMEs in Albania.
Keywords: leadership, organization behavior, entrepreneurship, innovation, research and development, performance
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