The challenges of regional Development in Albania

Manjola Duli

Abstract Regional development (RD) policy in Albania for several years has been an important issue discussed from the government and local experts in the framework of national economic development. RD is a cross-cutting policy. It permeates all sectors and aspects of development in a given set of territories. The current approach to regional development in Europe is place-based, in which multidimensional analyses are carried out and strategies and policies developed in relation to territorially defined socio-economic and environmental factors. This paper focuses on regional development policy and regional development fund in Albania. The metrological approach relies on secondary information as well qualitative and quantitative data. There have been some interviews undertaken during 2013 with municipalities with respect to the financial resources from RDF for the investment in local level. It presents an analyses of the actual situation in the sector of RD, especially with respect to RDF at national and local level. It highlights some aspects of the actual situation to mechanism at local level, focusing on the risk factors that impact the developments on deferent municipality. The paper concludes on three set of risk factors influencing the mechanism at local level. In this paper was followed this approach, looking at long-term changes in a wide set of development indicators across Albania. Further research would be necessary to provide a deep analysis of the problematic of the regional development policy.